News Briefs

Officers of the Ukrainian National guard are re-engineering the detritus of battle, strewn across the countryside. Forgotten and abandoned, these pieces of broken armoured vehicles are being retrieved and put to use. Enlisted men, with pre-war experience in engineering, robotics, mechanics and technology are pooling their skills to revitalise the wrecks and put them back onto the battlefield and into active service.

Oshkosh Defence announced in January that the US Army has placed its fourth order for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program (JLTV) since the contract was awarded in August 2016, this order is valued at more than $176 million.

China made a rare defence policy statement on January 24, publically declaring their deployment of a new inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM). The timing, and the unusual nature of the announcement, is probably linked to the inauguration of President Trump, who has clearly expressed his anti-Chinese stance.

China’s Global Times newspaper said the People’s Liberation Army has moved the intercontinental ballistic missile to Heilongjiang Province, in Northern China, close to the Russian Border in a move suggesting China perceives Russia to be an ally. The DF-41 is described by Global Times as the most advanced ICBM in the world. Apparently it has a range of 8,699 miles, enough to hit any conceivable target with the exceptions being South America and parts of Antarctica. They claim it can carry up to 12 nuclear warheads, and is capable of being moved on China’s network of roads in efforts designed to avoid detection and prevent destruction.

China’s nuclear policy states it will never use nuclear weapons first but reserves the right to retaliate in kind.

India is preparing to position more that 450 main battle tanks along its border with Pakistan. The newly-ordered, Russian-made, T-90MS, will significantly bolster the already sizeable deployment of tanks along the northern and western borders. The move comes months after Pakistan threatened India with a nuclear attack when old tensions were rekindled following Indian armed forces strikes against alleged terrorists operating within Pakistan.