News Briefs

Petro Poroshenko, president of Ukraine writes on his Face- Book page that the Ukrainian Fantom ‘has entered the top five most interesting military vehicles among the thousands of exhibits from the 50 countries represented at the 2017 Idex’. Defence Blog writes of the unmanned Fantom, that ‘the developers have integrated the anti-tank missile system ‘Barrier’ into Fantom. With such armament, the nearly invisible Fantom is capable of striking heavy and light armoured targets at a distance of 100 to 5,000 meters’ making it a fascinating modern fighting machine.

Science Applications International Corporation recently unveiled its first prototype Amphibious Combat Vehicle which it proposes for the US Marine Corps. In partnership with Singapore Technology Kinetics it has tabled the Terrex 2, which features a ‘V’ shaped hull, and room for three crew to transport 11 marines. It is an eight-wheeled armoured amphibious vehicle with improved survivability, mobility, lethality and an output of 600bhp. This is just one of the prototypes being tested by the Marine Corps before decisions are made.

The T-90MS is the modernised version of the T-90s main battle tank. At the end of last year, Indian authorities concluded a deal with Russia to buy 464 T-90MS tanks, complete with its Armata endowed 125mm cannon and 7.62mm anti-aircraft machine gun. India has also been manufacturing these tanks under licence, and that licence was extended in February.