No Common Part

Tim Gosling looks at the history of the German trucks surrendered to the US Army at the end of World War One

The Germans certainly liked their large gun tractors although these Doughboys do not appear to be very impressed with this 8.5 ton Lanz ZF
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A Company of German BĂśssing trucks being handed over to the occupying American Forces near the city of Coblenz

One of the terms dictated to the German delegation prior to granting an armistice was that 5,000 trucks in operable condition were to be handed over to the Allies.

This number was considered to be enough to make the German army ineffective and prevent them from continuing with any further hostile activities. In comparison with the number of trucks used by the allies 5,000 does seem to be a minor amount but it was estimated that at this time the Germans had no more than 9,000 trucks in operation on the Western Front.

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