This deadly attack submarine and master of stealth was a key player in the Royal Navy’s ‘silent service’ during the Cold War.

When we think of the might of the Royal Navy throughout history, perhaps the first images to spring to mind are the iconic flagships and battleships built to impress, dazzle and intimidate. Equally important in modern times have been those vessels designed to operate on the fringes, away from the visible theatres of war; they are the clandestine operators lurking deep beneath the waves.

Since the 20th century, Britain’s submarines – the so-called ‘silent service’ – have played a pivotal role in naval warfare. There’s always been something mysteriously alluring about these covert sea creatures, rising from the murky depths of the oceans, yet their shadiness has brought mistrust too. Even the Royal Navy’s own First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson once referred to subs as “underhanded, unfair and damned un-English”!

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