One of a kind

The description under the picture of the Humber ‘Pig’ (page 27, issue 192) is somewhat misleading for those with limited knowledge of this vehicle. Certainly the Pig was developed from the FV 1600 series One Tonne trucks, particularly the fitted for wireless version. However, your wording suggests that the Pig name was associated with all general purpose trucks also but this is not so. The name Pig was only given to the armoured personnel carrier versions.

In the very early 1970s, the MoD released most of the reserve stocks via Ruddington and Lew Jackson of Misson, purchased a job lot. I bought one from Lew and kept it at Misson while tidying it up. The Pigs had not been at Misson long before the MoD came around and purchased back all the wheel stations (hubs, wishbones, driveshafts, brakes etc), as working spares. Not long after this all the bodies and engines were repurchased too by the MoD and went off for refurbishment. I was offered a very large profit on my Pig and I jumped at the opportunity, getting a pair of Land Rovers instead.

Once again an interesting read this month.