Operation ‘Torch’: The Invasion of North Africa


Publisher After the Battle

Author Jean Paul Pallud

Year 2019

ISBN 9781870067966

Language English

Binding Hardback

Pages 321

Size 30cm x 21.7cm

Price £39.95


Jean Paul Pallud’s offering, Operation ‘Torch’ The Invasion of North Africa provides a comprehensive and impressively detailed and illustrated account of the Allied landings that took place in North-West Africa in November 1942. This is a large book, both in physical size and number of pages – more than 300 – and the use of maps and colour and black and white images along with the detail of research is to be commended. It covers an operation in World War Two which hasn’t always received the same attention as many others, but one which marked an important point in the war – the decision by the western Allies to launch a second front in North Africa.

Verdict: Well written and exceptionally well-illustrated, a great addition to any World War Two book collection.