Our Friends in the North

Museum of the Month Imperial War Museum North

Full interactivity enables you, among other things, to test your team skills as a T34 Tank crew member
Trench stenches. An opportunity to indulge one’s sense of smell; mustard gas to smelly feet
A 1979 Leopard Patrol Car, designed to keep its occupants safe from land mines. It had a V-shaped 8mm steel armour to deflect blast and 52mm bulletproof glass
Printed material forms a large part of the collection including newspapers, propaganda and posters
The cinematic delivery of content is both dramatic and an integral part of the experience - film shows begin hourly

The Imperial War Museum North covers a wide range of conflicts from before the turn of the 20th Century to the present day, including both world wars, the Cold War, the Troubles, the Holocaust, the Falklands War and the Gulf War. It deals with the politics of war, the mechanical and technical developments that conflicts around the globe have sparked, as well as the human casualties.


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