Panzer Party

Phil Loder reports on The Tank Museum’s unique Tiger Day Premium Experience

A Panzer III and Tiger 131 during my visit

German tanks from World War Two hold a particular fascination for many military vehicle enthusiasts. Perhaps this is because they were the tools of the aggressive Nazi regime that the Allies stood up to and defeated, or the perception of them being high-quality German engineering, or maybe the vehicles represent the arms race in tank design that took place over the course of the war. Also, Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA developed their own armoured vehicles, but they all fought German tanks. Whatever the reason, visitors had travelled from all around the world to attend The Tank Museum’s September words and pictures Phil Loder

2023 Tiger Day Premium Experience in Dorset. I am fascinated by the work of the School of Tank Technology that was based near Chertsey in Surrey during World War Two, whose staff analysed vehicles captured from the Germans, Italians and Japanese. The highlight of the event for me would be the opportunity to look inside some of the tanks evaluated at the School of Tank Technology. However, the programme promised much more too, including a look at some Cold War tanks, and a grandstand view of action in the arena on Tiger Day.

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