Panzerfaust vs Sherman


Publisher Osprey

Author Steven J Zaloga

Year 2019

ISBN 9781472832313

Language English

Binding Softback

Pages 80

Size 24.7cm x 18.4cm

Price £13.99

Author Steven J Zaloga has written numerous books on military technology and history and this work looks at two very different weapons pitted against one another in World War Two. On the one hand you have the muscle and bulk of a Sherman tank and on the other, a lightweight, mobile and deadly adversary – the Panzerfaust antitank weapon used by German forces. The book follows the technological battle for dominance that took place through the war as the Allies looked for ways to defend against the threat posed by these shape-charge projectiles.

Verdict: At just 80 pages, this is not an overly long book, but it does provide good detail on the subject matter along with black and white wartime images and colour illustrations.