Panzermuseum Thun

Thun Destination

Pedro Manuel Monteiro investigates Thun Barracks, site of a Panzermuseum that boasts an extensive collection of tracked armoured vehicles

Switzerland started to develop indigenous main battle tanks in the 1950s, albeit with little success. The last model was this modernised Panzer 68/88 used until 2004
This LTH, locally known as Panzer 39, was the first tank used by the Swiss army. A total of 24 were purchased from Czechoslovakia in 1937
Despite extensive trials, there were no firm orders of the M47 Patton tank or the self-propelled howitzer variant of the AMX-13

The military barracks of Thun, used in the training of mechanised units, is one of the largest military sites in neutral Switzerland, located about 30 kilometres from Bern. It is also home to an outdoor military collection, with almost 40 vintage main battle tanks and armoured vehicles on display. All of the vehicles are tracked models, with the exception of a US-built T17E1 Staghound scout car.

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