Plenty to buy and plenty of buyers

Military Vehicle Market

Nigel Hay’s round-up of the military vehicle market

October is for some reason, always the busiest month for our market and 2022 has not yet bucked that trend. We have seen some vehicles, especially those that were priced at the higher end of their values, being reduced but we have still seen strong and healthy sales in the last month.

Although arguably it is a buyer’s market, if sellers price their vehicles realistically, then sales will happen. The more obscure (and that does not necessarily mean rare) vehicles with a more limited market appeal will probably be the toughest ones to sell.

Once again, there have been increased numbers of CVRTs and Land Rovers up for sale. Many of these are private sales – interestingly much of the British post-war armour for sale is older purchases or older restorations.

Owners have wanted to benefit from the rise in CVRT prices this year as buyers for Ukraine hoovered certain variants for endof-life combat roles.

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