Preparing for TANKFEST

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Callum Dickson virtually shows off two iconic tanks in preparation for The Tank Museum’s premier armoured event

Driving in this camera makes me feel like I am at Tankfest, steering the Centaur myself; not a bad way to spend an evening

Few events are more firmly stamped onto an armoured vehicle lovers’ calendar than Tankfest at The Tank Museum in Bovington next month.

Various vehicles are advertised to be running, so I thought this month it would be fun to test out some of these in-game. Newsworthy vehicles set to appear this summer include both a Centaur III and the only running Nashorn in the world. Unfortunately, I am not far enough along on the German technology tree to unlock the Nashorn, and the Centaur itself is not in the game. Undeterred, I decided that I would use the Centaur’s visual counterpart, the Cromwell, and the Nashorn’s predecessor, the Marder III, to at least get a feel for these two behemoths in the preparation for their real-life journeys.

I started with the Marder as my aim was to unlock the Nashorn to try it out before Tankfest itself. In my first run, I realised I’d have to adjust my play style entirely – no longer firing and moving and readjusting immediately, but instead finding a good spot with lines of sight and ambushing approaching vehicles. I put this to the test on the next game, and saw the power of these Panzerjägers as every shot I made either knocked out an enemy vehicle or scored a critical hit, until eventually I was outflanked and killed. Its 75mm Pak 40 was one of the most efficient weapons I had tried on a tank and explained why almost 2,000 were produced during the war and saw action across the world.

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