Quick Strike, Desert Strike

Favoured by SEAL Team Three, Chenowth light strike vehicles roamed the desert during the 1991 Gulf War. Replicating such a secret vehicle was a challenge that Simon Burrows and Steve Wallace couldn’t resist. Glenn Sands found out how they achieved it

There’s an allure about anything associated with Special Forces (SF) for all military collectors. The bravery of units from the United Kingdom and United States have an appeal that puts their exploits on a near-mythical status. And many military vehicle enthusiasts who regularly attend shows may be familiar with Willys Jeeps modified to airborne, LRDG or SAS configuration from World War Two, or the ‘Pinkies’, the Land Rovers changed to SAS configuration over the years for Oman, many of their exploits have been made famous by books that followed the conflict.

Now a new ‘SF’ unit is on the UK’s military vehicle show circuit. Building on their reputation for getting high-end results on a reasonable budget, Sierra Alpha Re-enactment Display Group (SARD), which previously converted Mazda pick-ups to resemble SEAL ‘dump trucks’ (see CMV, December 2017), has long held the intention of getting a SEAL Desert Patrol Vehicle (Scorpion DPV) for their collection.

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