Reconnaissance and Observation

The M1918 was developedduringWorld War One by the US Ordnance Corps using the very capableWhiteTEB-Oone-tonne truck chassis.Butwhatusewasafast reconnaissance vehicle in stagnanttrenchwarfare?

The spare tyre was held on a dismountable rim, so that in the event of a puncture the rim and tyre could be swapped over and not the whole wheel

The aphorism “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted” has been variously attributed to the German Field Marshall Edwin Rommel, the Duke of Wellington and the sixth-century Chinese strategist Sun Tzu. Whoever first spoke the words, any military leader will tell you that establishing the strength and location of enemy forces, and determining the topography and terrain upon which they are situated, is crucial to achieving a successful outcome in battle.

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