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Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Author David Teacher MBE

Publisher DT Publisher

Year 2016

ISBN 978-0-01-664361-3

Language English

Binding Softback

Pages 222

Size 220x142mm (8x5.5in)

Price £9.99


This book has the hallmarks of a very personal reminiscence, a private memoir. At 93 years-old, David has lived a remarkably long and varied life. His early years were spent in Palestine under the auspices of a Zionist grandpa and he had returned to Manchester, training as a motor mechanic when war broke out. He wasn’t old enough to join up immediately but when he did, he volunteered himself to be one of the first to land on D-Day. He was then at the Battle of the Bulge, and before demobilising, was driven through Buchenwald concentration camp. He says: “When I give talks at the Imperial War Museum and to schools and clubs I’m introduced as a D-Day veteran, but that it is only one day of history, a mere 24 hours of my 93 years and there is so much more.”

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