Shipping Scam

I would like to inform your readers of a scam that I have just fallen victim to and would like you to warn any potential buyers of military vehicles from the USA. I bought a Humvee in February from a reputable dealer in Ohio, I then looked to get a shipping agent to pick it up for me and ship back to the UK. I found one that looked like it would suit me so I did a little research and decided to go ahead with them. They wanted $1,750 plus UK taxes and port fees which all seemed OK.

The first problem came when I kept being told they were waiting for other vehicles to fill the container. The first date came and went, then the second. I was told that the container had been picked for intense examination but that all the paperwork was good (I had paid extra for him to complete all the relevant paperwork). He said it was just something that customs do sometimes.

It was in the customs for 45 days, all the time running up storage costs.

It finally arrived on July 22 and I was given a invoice for $7,000 more than I was quoted. I was charged for the storage of the container and it turned out that the container was pulled because he had put a motorcycle in the container that didn’t have a title document and that is not permitted in the US. As my Humvee was here he passed the charges onto me and told me that if I didn’t pay I wouldn’t get my vehicle. Tantamount to blackmail, extortion and fraud.

I have tried to report this but no one wants to help as it’s a problem with a US company and could cost thousands and take months during which time I would continue to rack up storage charges in the UK.

So now I have the Hummer but I am now £5,700 out of pocket - I have tried to talk to them to resolve the problem but the reply I got was ‘we will see you in court’ – beware!

Peter Dixon