Land Rover for Ukraine

An inspiring tale of courage and determination in the face of adversity, Craig Allen traces the story of Svitlana and her efforts to raise money for her brother’s unit, fighting on the front lines in Ukraine

Serhii and his team pose with their newly delivered Snatch Land Rover, which is now serving on the front line
pictures Svitlana Iniakoziene & Paul Pearce

Since the Russian invasion began in early 2022, Ukraine has been crying out for armoured vehicles, and the West has finally responded. The UK, America and various European States have all lined up to supply the hardpressed Ukrainian forces. However, given the vast scale of the war, there is always a need for more essential military equipment and as such many of the frontline units are having to make do with unsuitable civilian vehicles. This is what prompted one Ukrainian soldier to reach out to his sister, now living in Scotland, for help.

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