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Good communication is an essential function of a successful museum and charity, writes The Tank Museum’s Nik Wyness

Paul Famojuro, aka Fam the Tank Man

Our mission is to “tell the story of tanks and those that served in them”, and the best museums are the ones that have mastered storytelling in a way which engages the broadest possible audience.

The means of achieving this are always changing with social preferences and technology. At The Tank Museum, we challenge ourselves to make incremental improvements to the way we tell our stories and share our enthusiasm for our collections.

Over the past decade, The Tank Museum has transformed its exhibitions to better illustrate the human experience of the people who fought in the vehicles we display. This, combined with the evolution of our event programme, has seen a vast increase in the number of visitors to The Tank Museum – with the annual gate more than 50% higher than it was 10 years ago.

At least, this was the case until the pandemic forced us to close for nine months over 2020/21. We had already seen the value of our online presence, but enforced closure highlighted the importance of the global reach our YouTube channel (and other platforms) was allowing us to achieve.

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