Craig Moore profiles an immaculately restored US Army M4 High-Speed Tractor, an intriguing tracked vehicle that sparked much attention at last year's Norfolk Armourfest 

Gerald driving his M4 High-Speed Tractor at the show

I was intrigued to see an immaculate US Army M4 High-Speed Tractor parked next to an M4 Sherman at the Norfolk Tank Museum Armourfest 2023. I meandered over and began to speak with the owner, Gerald Morris. I soon found out he already owns a DUKW, M8 Greyhound armoured car, a Jeep, a Jimmy and a Hudson staff car.

However, he wanted something bigger and tracked, having been eyeing up a Sherman or a Stuart tank. The problem was that a Sherman was too heavy for his HGV, and M5 Stuarts rarely come up for sale these days. The weight of an M4 High-Speed Tractor was within the carrying capacity of his truck. “Another reason for wanting to own an M4 High-Speed Tractor is that it is a nice family vehicle,” said Gerald with a smile.

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