Barrimore England-Davis reports on a oneof-a -kind discovery while on a cross channel trip in search of spare parts

The diesel 105 has an interesting back story and was another fantastic find

Once people know you have a particular military vehicle there is a tendency to hear about other, similar types that are hidden away somewhere, or you get offered one to purchase periodically.

These insights or offers rarely come at the right time, but then is there ever a right time to go looking for another tank?

I had been working on a few AMX13s that were ‘ex stock’ from Europe. They were in poor condition as they had spent a long while outside – or even, in one case had been rescued from a grenade practice range.

My efforts to get these vehicles back into driveable condition required a lot of spare parts and trips all over Europe. I was in one storage facility on the other side of the channel, sourcing some electrical wiring harnesses, and lined up in one building were several interesting vehicles.

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