Winter warfare

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Having now delved through so many of the most armourcentric powers of the 20th and 21st centuries, I decided to move my focus onto one of the game’s more obscure nations, Sweden. Having plans to visit Arsenalen soon, the Swedish equivalent of The Tank Museum at Bovington, I felt my choice was even more prudent.

The first tanks available to the Swedish were the Stridsvagn (Strv) m/31 and m/38, which were two light tanks constructed by the Swedish heavy industry company Landsverk in the early 1930s. In War Thunder, both are armed with 37mm guns and are relatively well armoured, however, the m/31 has a slightly slower machine gun, but this is not massively important in a game of armoured warfare. Their actual real-life service could not be more different, only three m/31s were produced, whereas the m/38 saw extensive service in the Swedish army, as well as in Hungary, the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Ireland.

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