There aren’t many areas of collecting requiring you to consider the structural integrity of your house, but for those who have always wanted to own a tank, this is a great place to start – one piece at a time!

Many collectors will have faced the challenge of having to find more space on shelves or in display cabinets for their growing collections. Thankfully these aren’t issues faced by vehicle parts enthusiasts, especially as many pieces are so large or heavy they require two or more people to move. Tracks, wheels, engine parts, periscopes, chunks of armour, mudguards, hatches, tools and handles....Welcome to the world of rust.

Fifteen years ago, you’d struggle to find rusty tank parts at even the largest militaria fairs, yet in the last few years the market has exploded. Parts are being pulled out of the ground every day and occasionally even whole vehicles are uncovered. This expansion of the market has led to a flood of parts on online auction sites, with many items coming out of Eastern Europe and Russia.

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