Nigel Hay’s round-up of the military vehicle market

M4A1 Sherman at €490 000

Saracens, Saladins, Abbotts, FV432s, Ferrets, Series Land Rovers, Champs, Sankey Widetracks, Bedford MJ’s TKs – where are they all?

They are not coming up for sale as often as they did ten years ago – and some hardly ever. When they do, it is mostly older restorations or unfinished projects with few fresh to market. It doesn’t mean they are now rare and thus extra valuable; I think perhaps people’s interests have changed. There are noticeably fewer at shows too which leads me to believe there are a lot of such vehicles lurking in a “ran when parked” state and no longer being used or cared for.

Most FV432s not in private hands are in the “tank experience” world, and that by nature means they have been worked far harder than they did in army service. There are certainly a number of cannibalised units which have kept others running, as the new and good used spare stock for the FV432 series is at an all-time low. Newly manufactured track pads are now available from Crown in New Zealand at £1,000 for a set of 50 pads.

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