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A History of Conflict

As the UK’s best selling military history magazine, Britain At War Magazine covers British involvement in conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century through to today. Each issue is packed with news and features about Britain’s wartime history.

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Masters of the Air


AT EASE Dr Sam Edwards, reader in modern political history at...


Navy removes sea mine from fishing boat

A World War Two sea mine has been destroyed in a controlled explosion...


Churchill’s false teeth get global bidders snapping, while...

"Ah! Zoot suit!"

THE TANKIES’ COMBAT ‘ONESIE’ It was a much-loved garment...

A Guardsman in the Crimea

The Life &Letters of William Scarlett During the Crimean...

GCHQ releases secret images of Colossus

Recently unredacted photos of Colossus reveals one still in use...

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The numbers game

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps recently made a speech at Lancaster...


WEAPONS OF WAR It was one of a kind and full of potential, Craig...

Military History with Pete and Gary

No.24 Sometimes, old soldiers’ books full of tales...

Having a blast in Boden

Royal Artillery gunners have been learning to operate Archer...