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A History of Conflict

As the UK’s best selling military history magazine, Britain At War Magazine covers British involvement in conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century through to today. Each issue is packed with news and features about Britain’s wartime history.

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‘A Disgraceful Episode’

Andy Saunders

On 4 July 1940, the Luftwaffe struck a major blow in its first...

Andy Saunders
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Rare Great War Tractor Under The Hammer

HISTORIC MILITARY vehicles remain ever popular on a world-wide...

Canadian War Museum Acquires Medals Of Last Commonwealth Soldier Killed In

WW1 Private George Price’s medal group which has been...

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Lancashire & Cheshire Branch The truth behind the Christmas...


USS OKLAHOMA SALVAGE 15 July 1942 Sunk with the loss...


John Ash

Innovative and tactically brilliant, Major-General Ivor Maxse...

John Ash

Scottish Poppy Conserved

Silk poppies being manufactured at Richmond during the 1930s....

RAF Pilot No Longer ‘Missing’

IN 2011, Britain at War magazine ran an account of an action...


Throughout the First World War, the many announcements of British...

No Greater Love

Steve Snelling

Resistance leader Hugh Seagrim waged war 75 years ago with a...

Steve Snelling