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A History of Conflict

As the UK’s best selling military history magazine, Britain At War Magazine covers British involvement in conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century through to today. Each issue is packed with news and features about Britain’s wartime history.

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RAAF Vietnam LifelineOne transport squadron was the RAAF’s...


JACK HARMAN VCThe extraordinary exploits of Jack Harman are charted...

Sir Tom, veteran and lockdown hero

Captain Sir Tom Moore, the World War Two veteran who died in...


Lord Ashcroft

Sergeant Thomas Steele VC  J ust as they have in more...

Lord Ashcroft


LEGACY OF EMPIREFor millennia, pillage by victorious invading...

Go All Out or Get Out

Anglo-Irish War / 1100th  AnniversaryDid British commander...


REPUTATIONS Field Marshal Sir Claude AuchinleckAlthough...

Indian Hospital, Brighton Pavilion

CollectionsThe largely forgotten story of the wounded Indian...

The Art of Persuasion

Austin J Ruddy

WARTIME PROPAGANDA POSTERS MILITARIAThe streets of Britain provided...

Austin J Ruddy
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Flying ‘Met Men’

YOUR VOICE The excellent coverage of the striking success...