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A History of Conflict

As the UK’s best selling military history magazine, Britain At War Magazine covers British involvement in conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century through to today. Each issue is packed with news and features about Britain’s wartime history.

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Defence of the Reich

In the first of a new series entitled ‘DOGFIGHT’ the combat...

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Latest technology could solve age-old problem

Resupplying ships at sea has always been a critical issue, but...

Returning home a hero

SPITFIRE GATHERINGThe 21st century’s greatest gathering of...

Tomorrow’s Radar Raiders

THE BRUNEVAL RAID Operation Biting (see pages 20-29)...

Man of STEEL

REPUTATIONSMichael E Haskew explores the career of the naval...

The Armchair General

Can you defeat the Nazis?Some of you may recall the long-running...


Austin J Ruddy

MILITARIAIngenuity and inventiveness were key weapons in a pivotal...

Austin J Ruddy

From the Editor


Newark Air Museum agrees handover of LLA aircraft to their ownership

After discussions between Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association...

Field Post

YOUR VOICE'Britain at War' Magazine, PO Box 100, Stamford, Lincolnshire,...