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As the UK’s best-selling military history title, Britain at War Magazine is dedicated to exploring every aspect of the involvement of Britain and her Commonwealth in conflicts from the turn of the 20th century through to the present day. With at least 116 pages in every issue, Britain at War prides itself on well-researched and eye-catchingly designed historical content, aiming to provide new and fresh perspectives on Britain’s wars.

Each issue of Britain at War, sister publication to FlyPast, is packed with the latest news all about events and discoveries from around the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in addition to detailed features covering combat on land, air or at sea. Each includes an analysis of a major historical event and typically draws on emotive personal accounts from those involved – from both sides.

Other core content includes; ‘Reputations’ – critical assessments of the Commonwealth’s greatest admirals and generals; ‘Image of War’ showcases stunning flashes of history captured on rare archive film; and our monthly ‘Hero of the Month’ feature, as selected by Lord Ashcroft. Unafraid to engage with the most difficult subject matters, we also include bold and hard-hitting pieces on the darkest episodes of conflict.

From the Somme trenches of The Great War to a lone Australian warship blasting her way out of a Korean War trap. From the Royal Navy’s mighty HMS Hood of the Second World War to the British Army’s ‘Desert Rats’ in the Gulf. Cold War V-Bomber standoff, deadly submarine missions, heroic feats, desperate air actions and valiant last stands. Spitfire, Lancaster, Ark Royal, and Centurion. Canada, Australia, South Africa, India. Britain at War readers can experience it all.

So, just how did a pair of New Zealand Navy frigates alter the course of World War Two? What was Churchill’s reaction to Pearl Harbor? Want to know what one veteran RAF pilot experienced flying Harriers in the Falklands War? How did the daring and deadly British commando raid on St Nazaire unfold? With great offers in both print and digital versions, subscribe to Britain at War today and relive these, and many more, decisive moments in the history of Britain and her Allies – from anywhere in the world!

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Hero of the Month: Captain Gerald Robert O'Sullivan VC

Lord Ashcroft

I feel very privileged to be custodian of Captain Gerald O’Sullivan’s gallantry and service medals,...

Lord Ashcroft

HANSLOPE PARK: A Game of Cat & Morse

Ten miles north of Bletchley Park, another Home Counties estate played a vital role in the secret war...

IMAGE OF WAR: Supersonic Swan Song

Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, September 27, 1964...

COLLECTIONS: Kent Battle of Britain Museum

Shortly before the coronavirus pandemic gripped the UK, the Kent Kent Battle of Britain Museum...

IMAGE OF WAR: Salvaged Legacy

A solemn Robert Ellis holds onto the nameplate of the HMS Rodney...

VE DAY 75th - Winning words

As local authorities prepare to broadcast elements of Winston Churchill’s stirring VE Day radio
speech across Britain...

Fund-raising Veteran Awarded MBE

Our congratulations to ‘Harry’ Billinge, a former Royal Engineer...

RECON REPORT: Backing Bletchley

John Ash

John Ash reviews Backing Bletchley...

John Ash

New Battle Honours for RAF Units

HM The Queen has conferred new Battle Honours onto 41 RAF squadrons...

Old Soldier’s Dream Comes True

A Kent charity working to make a reality of the dying wish of a veteran...

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