Banana Split Wagons

Craig Allen profiles the Supacat All Terrain Mobility Platform, affectionately referred to as the ‘Banana Split’ wagon by British troops in the Gulf War

An ATMP pictured in the streets of Basra loaded with ammunition and a Sniper on board

Iwas recently reviewing my photos from the Iraq War of 2003 and came across some shots of the Supacat ATMP. I learned to drive one of these all-terrain load carriers early on in the campaign.

I needed transport between the temporary camps we had established in the Kuwaiti desert. With no Land Rovers free, I noticed the ATMPs parked up in the vehicle compound. A chat with the MT Sergeant gained me the use of one of these to carry out some photography tasks. However, I first needed a short course to familiarize myself with the vehicle. This involved half an hour spent out in the desert with an experienced driver who took me through the ATMP’s unique handling qualities.

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