Diving Scapa Flow

In a feature which will appeal both to divers and to those curious about the sunken wrecks of Scapa Flow, Rod Macdonald looks at some of the many ships which lie there through this fascinating account, written from the perspective of a diver, and through a series of captivatingly haunting images.

A diver’s torch illuminates the forwardfacing square windows of the Brummer’s bridge, whilst guard rails ring its open top level.
The High SeasFleet at anchor, taken from Houghton Bay.

Scapa Flow is a dramatic and windswept expanse of water some twelve miles across and almost completely encircled by the islands of Orkney. On the land all around there are poignant reminders of Orkney’s wartime past – deserted barracks, airfields, the remains of POW camps and gun emplacements, all of which bear silent witness to its military history. For centu ries Scapa Flow had been a safe, sheltered anchorage for mariners.

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