Good range of military vehicles up for sale

Military Vehicle Market

Unrestored halftrack Multiple Gun Carriage M16A2 built by White, on sale for €39,500

Perhaps spurred on by the high prices achieved at the November auction in Normandy, we have seen more military vehicles with high asking prices coming onto the market.

A restored White M14 Halftrack with an operational turret (the M14 is the twin 50 calibre version of the Maxon turret) was offered by a German collector for €160,000. The same seller was also selling a project and uncut M8 Armoured Car for €50,000. The very next day an unrestored but uncut ex-French army M16A1 Multiple Gun Carriage came up for €39,500 in Austria.

So it seems that the price of wartime armoured wheeled and halftracked vehicles is rising. Thankfully, new manufacture replacement tracks are available as NOS have all but dried up, as have the Israeli-made Alliance tracks that have given so many collectors’ halftracks a new lease of life.

With the abundance of sirens on wartime US vehicles in the hands of collectors, Wildenbergs offered perhaps the ultimate siren at €750. For use in built up areas, army bases, etc, it is inevitable that someone will manage to mount it on a vehicle and will feel the need to share the wail to everyone in a one-mile radius… Thanks a lot, David Wildenberg!

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