A Rare Treat

Museum of the Month The Muckleburgh Collection

The Studebaker M29 Cargo Carrier ‘Weasel’ arrived in 1943 when the US discovered it needed a vehicle to move over snow. This one was bought in Norway by the museum in 1987
This MT-55 Bridgelayer is a variant of the Soviet Union’s T55 weighing in at 35 tons. It takes only two minutes to lay a bridge and six to retrieve it. The museum has never tested this as the instructions are in Czech and haven’t yet been translated
This M4 Sherman was one of only 188 manufactured by Canada under licence. The Canadians called it the Sherman Grizzly. The museum bought this example from Portugal
This 1942 Bren Gun Carrier carries a Boys anti-tank rifle
Ford’s GPA ‘Seep’ was designed to be transport for off-shore ships but couldn’t handle waves. Poor land performance meant production ended in 1943 and survivors are now rare

The privately-held Muckleburgh Collection on the Norfolk Coast is the largest of its kind in the country. With acres of land for a large bi-annual event to rival Tankfest, and plenty of space for a lorry ride or pre-booked tank-driving experiences, and with stunning coastal views to appreciate throughout your visit, Muckleburgh really is special.

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