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Military Vehicle Market

Nigel Hay’s round-up of the military vehicle market

October is always one of the busiest months in the military vehicle market, the season has ended and owners start thinking about future events and purchases. The upcoming 80th anniversary of D-Day inevitably brings up questions. How will it affect vehicle prices? Will there be a glut in prices and large numbers of vehicles for sale afterwards? We would expect some vehicles like DUKWs to be snapped up well before June to become immersed in the beachhead events. Fuel prices may see some owners of high-consumption vehicles opting to take something more economic, but I think most will say “might as well do it”.

The best case scenario is that the media coverage next year will introduce new people to classic military vehicle ownership, which the hobby really needs. Most of us who went to the 40th Anniversary D-Day events are, let’s say, over retirement age, so we urgently need another generation to get involved, buy vehicles and stay in the hobby.

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