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BAW goes viral!

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Our Facebook post discussing Craig Moore’s Triumph WO 3SW Armoured Bren Carrier article (Wheels of steel, Mar 2024) was seen by 2.88m people, received 25,395 likes and produced healthy debate in 917 comments. Here are some of your views:

Jan Wagemaker: Excellent, the fast and the furious! Robin Clark: Imagine trying to ride that monstrosity. Teppo Saarinen: While useful in some situations, I doubt a tiny detail like this could have made all the difference. However, British anti-invasion innovations never fail to interest and surprise. Misheck Njai: Maybe not ALL the difference, but the Germans would have been caught off guard for a few crucial moments. Rudy Hunter: It may have made a difference in terms of slowing the advance and enabling reinforcements to arrive. It may have been just enough. Marc Leloux: Once the ammo is out or he needs to move, he'll be picked off or would have to run and give the enemy a working motorcycle. I don’t think this is an amazing solution. Ray Stanley: These were desperate times and desperate measures were needed. Credit should be given for those who took up the challenge. Tony Davies: This would have been awesome support for my father, who guarded airfields with Ross rifles and only one clip.

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