No longer top tier

Dear Editor, the General Staff at the time declared The news that our friends across the army was ‘running hot’. In truth, the pond no longer consider there were never enough troops the British Army to be a top-tier and resources to conduct either military force should come as no of these operations properly. Our surprise, especially after years of US allies had to come to our aid progressive cutbacks. Our core to sort out the mess in Basra and warfighting capability has been eventually took over responsibility for hollowed out by reductions in troop Helmand. These events should have numbers, exacerbated by a series been a wake-up call, but predictably of bungled procurement projects. were downplayed. Meanwhile, a This has occurred under the watch concentration on counter-insurgency of governments from both ends meant our conventional capability of the political spectrum. I well has withered. Our armoured fleet is remember Mr Brown declaring the old and tired, and we are still running army had everything it needed in vehicles designed in the 1970s. 

Afghanistan, when in fact we were Time and again our procurement desperate for more helicopters. In efforts have turned into fiascos, when more recent times, Boris Johnson’s we could have purchased proven government produced a defence designs off the shelf. I have written review recommending further cuts to previously on the subject of the the army when the world is clearly a Challenger 3 and the concept that a much more dangerous place. Due to mere 148 tanks would be sufficient. Mr Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ The levels of attrition in both tanks we now find ourselves in a whole new and armoured vehicles suffered by strategic landscape. In many ways, both sides in Ukraine have shown it is a return to Cold War scenarios, this to be naive. We would probably with the important difference being need to at least double that number that we have a hot war raging on as modern warfare requires a healthy our doorstep. reserve to replace combat losses.

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