March to the sea

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Callum Dickson tries out a staple of American military might that is famed for its speed, mobility and firepower – the M4A1 Sherman

After last month’s game trying out a single iconic vehicle, and testing out the power behind the legendary Tiger tank, I decided to continue this trend. Having re-watched the Hollywood blockbuster Fury recently too, this would be an appropriate bookend to the last few months’ gamer articles, so I chose the M4A1 Sherman.

However, in line with American military thinking at the time, I could not rely solely on one tank. Rather, this tank would have to be a part of an overall armoured fist. My choice of vehicles in support of the Sherman was the M3 Motor Gun carriage, the M3A1 Stuart and the M3 Lee.

This provided me with a good balance of light mobility and hard-hitting armour. Plus, as an American Civil War buff, I enjoyed the irony of using tanks named after both Union General Sherman and Confederate Generals J EBStuart and Robert E Lee.

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