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Callum Dickson trials a varied selection of unique Self-Propelled Guns

With a low profile in the fog the Archer blends right into the ground making it a perfect ambush vehicle.

This month I was initially undecided as to what tank to cover.

However, I began to unlock some new vehicles and was interested to see how they fared on the battlefield – these being the British Archer, the French Automitrailleuse de Reconnaissance 35 (AMR35), and the Japanese Ho-Ro, all self-propelled weapons. They each had starkly different armaments, with the Archer wielding a strong 17pdr, the Ho-Ro a 150mm howitzer, and the AMR 35 a small but reliable 25mm gun.

In my first game using the AMR 35 I had to come to terms with the weakness of its cannon; it could fire quickly but had very little armour-piercing capability. Despite that, I found it was incredibly ahead of its time with the ability to accurately fire while moving. While I did not get many kills, I acted as an effective distraction allowing my allies to hit enemy vehicles focused on me. In my most successful game we were in the desert and the AMR 35 was able to nip past enemy fire to capture one of the points. I then skimmed around and eliminated three enemy vehicles. I was eventually knocked out by the first stronger enemy tank that found me, however I was very pleased with how the run had panned out.

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